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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We did Thanksgiving here in our new house. It was pretty nice. I cooked the meal, which had Turkey, stuffing made from my mom's recipe, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie. I have never made a pumpkin pie before, I think I've only ever made a cherry pie once and that was years ago. But my pie was wonderful. Hubs took one of the two that I made (the can made two pies lol) to our neighbors, and she said that it was a hit at the party. They had a store bought pie and mine, and mine was gone quickly. Yay me. We had a few friends over, just a small Thanksgiving. Unlike the Thanksgiving that we had 2 years ago where we fed almost 30 people. (Not at my house, we had some friends on duty so they had food taken to them). There were so many people trying to cook in my small kitchen that day, but it was a good meal, minus my failed attempt at Boston Cream Pie. It was nice and quite this year. D had his first big meal, and he loved it. He would have tried to eat all day if he could I think the way he finished his plate. But it was nice to see that he enjoyed it. As did everyone else.

My friend who had came over wanted to go to Toys R Us for their Black Friday deals that started that night. She had never been out on Black Friday, which I did not find out till we were pulling up to TRU at 9 pm and they opened at 10. She was in shock to see the line wrapped around the building. But she was able to get the things she wanted for her daughter for Christmas. I picked up one thing for my lil guy (we are waiting till we get hubs reenlistment bonus and plan on using the Heroes at Home Sears gift card that Sears graciously offers to military families every year). She wanted to go to 3 different places in the morning so I explained that she would have to go and 'camp out' now is she wanted to get anything due to the fact that some people are serious shoppers and will get there really early to get deals. So she figured out what she really wanted and we went to Target. We finished up at TRU at almost midnight, so we drove by Target, saw the line, went back to my house and picked up a blanket and a pillow and back to Target to sleep outside. We were in and out of the store with everything that she wanted within 30 minutes. So I think she had a good Black Friday experience overall, but I think she learned that she will not be doing that again.

Overall I think Thanksgiving this year was really good. We had hubs home, we were together, even though we would have loved to have been with our family, we had some of our made family. I'm thankful for my husband and son, for my family, for my friends that are like family, and that I'm able to be here to share it with them.

Proposed Military Pay Freeze

I don't usually blog about some things, but this is an issue that I am really fired up about. Yesterday (29 NOV) President Obama proposed to freeze the pay of federal workers. While he proposed freeze did not include Military, there is a proposal out there for a pay freeze for Military. There are plenty of people out there that are in favor of freezing the pay of some military or all the military. I wonder if these people have ever served in our Armed Forces. And if they have, I'm sure they were not Junior Enlisted with families to take care of, because if they were they would understand how difficult it can be at times to make ends meet. With the costs of everything from gas to food, to utilities going up every day, how can there not be some kind of raise in pay for those fighting to keep our country safe? If you want your servicemembers to keep fighting the two wars that you have them in, and possibly fight a war with Korea, how can you propose such a horrible thing? Want to get moral down even further? Tell our Servicemembers that they are not going to get a raise, have their allowances for housing and food taxed and that they are going to be paying more for Tricare benefits. For those that say Tricare is free, it's not. We do pay for it. We may not pay out of pocket when we use the benefits, but it is taken out of their pay.

While I understand and appreciate that there is a financial crisis abound, I think that those that are proposing such plans look towards themselves and how much money they make before they take away from those that fight for them. We live within our means; we don't go out to movies, parties, we limit how much dining out we do. We don't have cable. We don't take vacations. I make sure that my son has everything he needs, and that we have food on the table. I've not bought many new clothes in years. Most of my clothes I've had for almost 5-7 years, and some 10, which is why most don't fit since I've lost weight since then. But we make sacrifices so that our bills are paid. We are nearly finished paying off most of our debts. We have one car payment. We have a mortgage. We do the best that we can with what my husband makes. I would love to have a job, (I do have a degree in psychology) but the job market still is not the best. And with whatever I would bring home, it would all go to the cost of daycare for our son. I'm sure those that are proposing a pay freeze have cars, and cable, and go out to eat every night of the week and take family vacations with several people. And yet they want to keep those that are barely making it from trying to live like they do? Wow, well thank you to our servicemembers who fight and die to keep them in office with their nice flashy cufflinks and cars and suits.

I've taken the issue to my representatives, as has my husband. I feel very strongly on the issue as does he. As do some of you who are in similar situations. People have always told me not to just sit and talk about something that is wrong, but do something to change it. So that is my goal. To talk and tell anyone who will listen that this pay freeze will not be in the best interest of our military members. While I'm still a noob (newbie) wife with only almost 4 years in this life, I know enough to know that this proposal will not benefit our military as a whole if the government wants to keep fighting wars.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Adopted Ed Review

Adopted Ed 

I was given the wonderful chance to review Adopted Ed, a book by Darren Maddern for children who are adopted. I, myself, am not adopted, but know many people who are. I enjoyed the illustrations that were by Erin Fusco. It's the simple story of Eddie, who was adopted at birth. He grew up just like anyone else, with parents who loved him and enjoying his life. He was made fun of at school by bullies, but his 'mother' gave him some wonderful words of encouragement and he found comfort in those words, and even told others that he was special because he was chosen, (and his parents weren't stuck with him like the bully's). The story is so simple but is so profound, just because you're adopted, doesn't make you any less special. At the end of the book there is even a list of famous people who are adopted too.

Darren Maddern was adopted in England where he was born, by an American Military Family, which has a special place in my heart. He has been in touch and met his biological family and has a relationship with them to this day. While not all adopted people are as lucky as he has been, that doesn't mean you should give up if you want to find your family. November is National Adoption Month, with November 20 as National Adoption Day. Please take time to remember those that have been adopted, and consider those that still could be adopted. It is a wonderful chance to give love to those that need it. Check out the Adopted Ed site here . And look out for Darren's next book to come out in the near future.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mamavation Monday 11/29

Wow it's the last Monday of November. Which means we only have a few more Mondays till the new year. Crazy. My week this past week wasn't too bad. Our Thanksgiving meal went well. I did my best to watch what I ate and limited my dessert, but I did eat some pumpkin pie, since it was my first one that I ever made. And it was good. I've not stepped on the scale, but after this coming week I plan on it.

I've been dancing around with Just Dance 2 and Sing Star Dance game for the PS3 Move. Lots of fun and lots of sweat. I've enjoyed the Just Dance game and hopefully hubs will buy it for me for Christmas (we have it from Gamefly). I've been walking a lot more, but hoping to get more in, but now that it's getting colder outside the walks wont be as long lol. But that''s what Leslie Walk at Home is for, and I just need to get one of those for Christmas too. I really want a lot of fitness related things for Christmas. And I think for our tax check back we will be purchasing a treadmill or an eliptical. Come on tax refund.

This week on Mamavation Monday we are gonna be talking about SEX. Yep that's right. Dr. Lynn Anderson will be joining Mamavation to discuss her book, Sex Matters so…Get Sexually Healthy the Natural Way. I'm exciting about this topic, so it should be interesting to hear what Dr. Lynn has to say.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mamavation Monday 11/22

Wow I can't believe that Thanksgiving is just a few days away. We are going to be hosting it here in our new house so I've very excited. Plus that lets me be in control of what I'm making so I know to a good extent what my calories are going to look like. We are having just a simple meal, turkey, stuffing, potatoes and green bean casserole. Yum. I've been getting out and walking around our new neighborhood. It's very nice. And I love that I can walk to a grocery store. It's so wonderful.

Seems like a funk has come upon me, so I gained a couple of pounds. Not what I wanted to do with Thanksgiving being this week, but it happens. I'll take it and lose it. I'm eating more at home, and not eating out so that is a great thing. But I've been snacking on bread which is not great. I bought some more veggies and fruits at this store this week to curb that snacking bug.

This weeks sponsor is Subway.  Subway is awesome, I was glad that there was a subway close to my high school. Now if there was only one within a decent walking distance for us. For my Commit to Fit challenge I want to walk/run a 5k. My current stroller is not in the best condition to walk around the store let alone try to walk a 5k, so I would love to win the prize for $100 that Subway is giving away to help someone make their Commit to Fit a possibility. What is your Commit to Fit?

A big Congrats to our Sista of the Week Heather at @Notdiyheather. She is an amazing girl and so motivating. Congrats. Until next week, get you groove one!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Homeowner, yep that's me

Well if you read my Mamavation post from the 8th then you will see we moved finally. We've been in the new house for 2 weeks now. i don't know if we will ever be unpacked, but thats ok. There is still some stuff in boxes from a move or two ago. But we did get rid of some stuff finally, and there will be more to get rid of before long too.

Being a homeowner has been a crazy experience so far. We moved in and had to get both toilets fixed (the one in our master bath still needs it's new flapper which we will do tomorrow.) The fridge that we found on Craigslist for $30 didn't work (but that could be because there is a problem with a couple of outlets in the kitchen), so we didn't have a fridge for a week. That was crappy because we had to eat out A LOT. But we found a good deal on a fridge from Home Depot, and they have a stove to match which I may get during tax time. Then there was my closet. I have too many clothes apparently per hubs, but I just say that it was secured to the wall enough, but the wire shelf that was in the closet is now on the floor and has been since we moved in pretty much. But that's ok since I was going to remodel the closet anyway. We will be getting shelves to put in the pantry and now have the space where I fridge should have gone (since we didn't measure right) to make some pantry shelves too.

After all that, we had the problem with the heating. I thought that the ac unit had gone out, hubs said it might be the thermostat, so I went and purchased a programmable one (was planning on it anyway) and he replaced it. But that didn't fix it. So called in the repair guy. He couldn't fix it because it wasn't the unit. It was an electrical problem and the electric company had to come out and rewire an outside line since Verizon had grounded their line to the electric box. Big mess but we have heat again so it's all good.

All in all we're happy here. If we could  just get rid of the ant problem, which is mainly in the back bedrooms, we'd be A ok. Not having cable sucks. I thought it would be ok, but when you've gone through all the movies on Netflix that you could stand to watch, makes for no fun. Hope to post some pics soon, once I get rid of some more boxes.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mamavation Monday 11/8

Well we finally FINALLY moved. Our new house is great, and I've been going non stop trying to get us settled in. Not going as well as I would like, but it is what it is. We didn't get our fridge delivered till Friday of last week since the one we purchased of Craigslist didn't work which meant we had to eat out every day. And it sucked. I finally was able to cook a meal tonite and it was so wonderful. Even though I made the best choices that I could while we ate out, still didn't like having to spend money on that. But I think I made my muscles hate me as I had to lift a bunch of stuff that I didn't think I could, but I did. Go Girl Power. I've not looked at the scale, for one it's broken and two well no time. So we'll see what it has to tell me end of week. I'm excited to hopefully get out there and walk the neighborhood and meet some of our neighbors. I can't wait to just be able to walk and not fear about getting hurt or anything like that.

Hopefully I'll have a better report for next week since I'm going to be able to finally cook and eat out of my fridge, YAY. This weeks sponsor for Mamavation is Earth Footwear. I've been really wanting a pair for like ever. I've only heard wonderful things about their shoes and products and they have been a great sponsor to Mamavation and our Moms. So stop by them and check them out.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

God Strong Giveaway

As I'm still working my way through Sara Horn's God Strong for my Survival Sister Semester, I figured I'd go ahead and post a giveaway. I have been really enjoying the book so far. There are so many things that I can relate to, like the chapter on Superwoman. I have felt time and again that if I can't do it then no one can. But Sara points out that it's not supposed to be like that. God wants to help you with your problems, He wants you to lean on Him and tell Him your worries and fears. I have failed to do that at times when I'm sure that comfort would have helped a difficult time when I was trying to be that Superwoman and do it all. But there is no shame when you need to ask for help. God Strong is wonderful written so that it seems like Sara is talking to you and you can feel a real connection.

For this giveaway, one reader will receive a signed copy of God Strong.

Ways to enter (leave a comment for each one)

1. Leave me a comment when you feel like you could should have been God Strong.
2. Tweet about my giveaway using @sailorsprincess #milspouse or something like that (unlimited entries for that)
3. Check out the Wives of Faith website that Sara has created. Join the forum and find friends like you.
4. Become a Fan my Facebook Page
5. Become a Fan the God Strong Page
6.Become a Fan Sara Horn's page
7. Follow me on Twitter
8. Follow Wives of Faith on Twitter

This giveaway will end on Nov 20 at midnight.
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